Three Benefits of a Second Hand Mobility Vehicle

Here at Mobility Nationwide, we take pride in providing high quality second hand mobility vehicles to disabled individuals and caregivers. A question that is often weighed up before the purchasing of any vehicle, be it wheelchair accessible or not, is whether to go new or used. To help you make that choice, we’ve come up with three reasons as to why used can be better than new.

Pick Up and Drive

Second Hand Mobility VehicleThe reason for buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle often comes out of necessity, as a wheelchair bound individual has need to leave the house. The issue is though, if you decide to buy new, you have to go through the lengthy process of conversion; when a standard car is developed into one that supporters a wheelchair user. The time between initial contact and completion can be months, leading to frustration, missed opportunities and even the stress and pain of having to transport a disabled individual in a vehicle not suited for their needs. With a second hand mobility vehicle, however, you need not worry about any of that. Just look through our selection of on-site and fully converted vehicles, pick the one that is right for you, and it can be delivered to you in a short time.

Value For Money

There is no getting around it, new vehicles are very expensive. Without any miles on the road, they might be shiny and nice to look at, but they are also twice the cost, and that’s before the price of conversion. Then, immediately after paying for the upgrades, you lose value the moment you drive it off the forecourt and it just keeps going down from there. Even though there is nothing wrong with it and it works like new,the cost of depreciation is always going to be significantly high.

Another thing to remember is that mileage on a used WAV is often very low compared to standard model cars. This means, although the price has dropped significantly, you’re still getting a quality vehicle that hasn’t been run into the ground. Used WAVs also tend to be better taken care of too, as owners are heavily reliant on the vehicles and can’t afford to have it breaking down as well as driving it carefully in order to avoid exacerbating the condition of the wheelchair user.

Tried and Tested

Driving your brand new conversion off the forecourt might be exciting, but what you have to remember is, you are the first person to see if it has been put together properly!. Having to convert means adding a lot of extras and stripping out pieces that can interfere with the car’s operating ability. While most of the time this is all done correctly, the benefit of a second hand mobility vehicle with a few miles on the clock means that you know that it has got through those teething troubles.

Has this blog swayed you from new to used? Then why not browse our selection of top quality second hand mobility vehicles, and see which one would be right for you?