The Advantages of a Second-Hand Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

There’s no disguising the fact that purchasing a new wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) can be eye-wateringly expensive. But not everyone who needs to be mobile has access to limitless funds. If you want to be mobile while still working within a budget, then a second-hand WAV is the perfect solution.

Are second-hand vehicles safe?

A lot people are concerned that second-hand WAVs may be less safe than new models. We work hard to put all of our vehicles through intense safety tests, and put those concerns to rest. But think about it, would you rather walk across a bridge that a hundred people have safely crossed before, or would you prefer to be the very first person to cross a brand new bridge? It’s not always the things that are ‘brand new’ that work best, especially when it comes to engineering.

You can rest assured that all of our second-hand WAVs are subject to rigorous quality checks. We go through 120 different checks that cover all areas of vehicle maintenance. We proudly offer only vehicles that have a reasonable mileage, that are less than five years old, and that we are certain will meet the very high standards of our customers.

Is a second-hand vehicle right for you?

Buying a WAV is a big financial decision, so it’s very important that you are happy with the vehicle that you purchase. We’re confident that we’ll be able to match you with a vehicle that meets your needs. There are a couple of questions that you can ask yourself to check whether a second-hand WAV is right for your needs

1. Do you need a WAV immediately?

If we have a second-hand vehicle in stock that suits your needs, then this won’t be a problem! We have an extensive range of stock, and are very proud to give our customers a good number of options to choose from. But second-hand stock is sometimes limited by supply. That’s why it’s always best to start planning your purchase well in advance by talking to a second-hand WAV specialist sooner rather than later.

2. Do you want to get an excellent deal on your WAV?

The main reason that people choose a second-hand WAV is because they want to get more value from their money. We strive to deliver our customers a car that’s as good as new, but for a fraction of the asking price.

3. Would you like a vehicle that is serviced and delivered to your doorstep?

We can deliver a vehicle that is clean, neat and safe to your doorstep. You won’t need to worry about doing any repair work yourself in the immediate future, as we take care of everything from replacing worn tires to supplying all vehicles that are more than three years old with a full MOT. The only time you’ll be able to even notice a minor imperfection in our older vehicles is when we have assessed it, realised that it posed no problems and decided that it is uneconomical to repair. Our new vehicles are generally picture perfect.