Get Ready for the Spring with a Second Hand Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

As the winter months become milder, and talk turns from Christmas presents and New Year’s Resolutions to summer plans and holiday destinations, making sure you have the freedom to travel becomes more and more important.

Travel Smart

used car to take wheelchairWhen it comes to travelling in a wheelchair, the independence you can get from owning a car built to take a wheelchair trumps even the most well-connected and punctual public transport network.

Owning your own vehicle will not only make going about your day-to-day activities more comfortable and stress-free, it will open up new opportunities for leisure and travel.

Making sure you have a vehicle that is built for your needs will also have a positive impact on your physical health, as using a car or van that isn’t especially suited to wheelchair users can mean that transferring from the wheelchair into the car can be  tiring and uncomfortable.  

Start thinking about the part – exchange value of your present vehicle.

If you already own a vehicle, you will want to start researching its part-exchange value. You can always contact us for a quote, or just some general advice and information on what you should expect to receive for a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Check your vehicle’s mileage, the general wear and tear on your vehicle, and slook around to try to find a vehicle in a similar condition to your own so that you can get a good idea of the value of your vehicle. You can always look to sell your car yourself to finance the purchase of a new one.

Road Trip!

With the added freedom a wheelchair accessible vehicle can give, there’s simply no excuse not to get out onto the open road. Road trips aren’t just for Americans, there are stunning sights to be found in the UK too from the comfort of your own wheelchair accessible vehicle.

We make buying a disabled vehicle as easy as can be

Our experts are on hand to give you any help or advice needed so that you can find the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle for you. A lot of our clients have never had any experience of buying a used wheelchair accessible car, so we have a lot of experience finding first-time buyers their perfect second-hand mobility vehicle.

Before getting in touch, make a note of the dimensions of your wheelchair, so that we can make sure to find a second hand mobility vehicle that is a comfortable fit. Other factors to consider are often to do with your height and any personal tastes.

We also offer a Nationwide Home Viewing service, where you can select the second-hand mobility vehicle you wish to view, and we’ll bring it right to your door to show you around that vehicle.

Looking for great value second-hand mobility vehicles? Let Mobility Nationwide take the stress out of the process and start browsing our range of vehicles in time for the Spring today!