Should You Buy A New Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle This New Year?

Feeling trapped by mobility issues? A new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle makes travelling with a wheelchair hassle-free.

Safety First

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Time can take a toll on any vehicle. No matter how often you have your car serviced or how well you take care of it, you may still reach a point when it is more economical to buy a new car then it is to fix your old one.

With major technological advancements in recent years, purchasing a car that has been manufactured from 2009 ensures a safer and more reliable drive. Roughly  60% of cars registered in the UK feature an Electronic Safety Program (ESP). The active system works in hazardous conditions such as wet and icy roads, which can help reduce the number of road accidents.

Changing Circumstances

Whether it’s a new addition to the family or you just need extra storage space, purchasing a new wheelchair accessible vehicle could mean that you can find something that would be more suited to your current needs. Alternatively, your local wheelchair accessible vehicle dealership will be on hand to make any minor tweaks necessary.

A New Year means a fresh start for you and your family. Invest in your family’s future by purchasing the ideal wheelchair accessible vehicle that the whole family can enjoy.

Options For Customers

The start of the year can be a slow time for most dealerships; customers are less inclined to make a purchase on a car and so stock tends to be higher. In this case, purchasing from a dealership in the New Year means that you have a wider choice.

Top Tips When Buying A New wheelchair accessible vehicle

It can sometimes be a difficult to know what to look for when purchasing a new wheelchair accessible vehicle so we have compiled a small list of things to consider that will help make your decision easier:

  •      Make sure to test-drive the wheelchair accessible vehicle before handing over any money (even a deposit)..
  •      Test the ramp and wheelchair accessibility.
  •      Consider the seating arrangement.
  •      Check that the vehicle has a new MOT with no advisories.

Ask about the warranty – How comprehensive is it and what will the dealer do when things go wrong>

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