How easy is it to use a WAV?

Using your wheelchair accessible vehicle...

Photo showing ramp access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The whole point of purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle is to make getting out and about quick and easy.

A good WAV will perform this function, a poorly designed one, or one that is not suitable will result in a large amount of money spent for little benefit.

The video below shows how easy it is to use a good wheelchair accessible vehicle


The video shows the tailgate being opened, the wheelchair ramp being lowered easily with one hand. Then the switch is switched on to release the front wheelchair belts. These are then attached to the front of the wheelchair, the switch is switched off, so that the belts will only go into the vehicle and the wheelchair will not roll back.

The wheelchair is pushed easily into the car and into position. The rear wheelchair restraints are clipped onto the wheelchair to stop the wheelchair moving forward. The wheelchair is now fixed on 4 points, making it solid in the vehicle.

A seat belt is passed around the wheelchair passenger. The ramp is easily lifted and clipped into place, and the tailgate is closed.

The whole operation is quick, safe and easy. The way that a good second hand wheelchair passenger car should be.


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