Four Ways A Used Wheelchair Accessible Car Can Improve Your Quality of Life

For some, the inability to leave the house easily is a harsh and upsetting reality. For those who suffer from disabilities severe enough to mean that they are unable to leave their wheelchair, getting out the home can be a real struggle and going about daily errands is often impossible. This, however, is not an inevitability of disability and there are things you can do to get out and continue to love, enjoy and be a part of life outside your house. A used wheelchair accessible car can help with this, and unlock many doors that disability had once shut.

Make leaving the house stress-free and painless

 Used Wheelchair Accessible CarSometimes, you simply have to leave the house for things that are just too important to miss. If you have difficulty leaving a wheelchair this means struggling to get in and out of a car. For some, the pressure that is this also puts on your upper body can also be painful, leading to anxieties about future outings. For others, the act of getting out of the wheelchair may simply be impossible. With a used wheelchair accessible car, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can enter you transport in a dignified and painless way. No fuss, aches or frustrations.

Gain More Independence

With the ability to leave the house and travel distances stress-free and painlessly, comes an independence not commonly associated with the term, severe disability. A wheelchair accessible vehicle means that simple daily chores and tasks unable to be carried out previously, such as shopping or attending doctors appointments are easily done.

Attend Important Events

Family holidays, birthdays, weddings and graduations are to name but a few of life’s big events that people from all walks of life want to be a part of. Of course, if you are wheelchair bound, trying attend these types of events can be a stressful and logistical nightmare. With a WAV, that all changes, you simply roll in, roll up and let everything roll on as usual.

Get Back to Work

Having the ability to easily attend a place of work, means that for many wheelchair users, they can still enjoy and achieve a strong and vibrant career. Whatever your aspirations may be, having the transport to go between the office and home is the first step to achieving that dream. A used wheelchair accessible car then, can be the catalyst for making your life whatever you want it to be.

If you think it’s time you made the move to a wheelchair accessible vehicle, then contact us today to arrange a viewing.