Claim Your Independence With a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

We live in world today where our access to transport is greater than ever before. You can get on a flight at 9am in London and be in Hawaii at 7pm the same day. Our public transportation systems support more passengers than ever before and they form the very backbone of many of our greatest cities. The last twenty years or so has brought about a surge of technological and automobile development, which has immeasurably improved the private transportation options for wheelchair users.

What are the Advantages of Owning a WAV?

These developments have included the creation of the wheelchair accessible vehicle, or WAV for short.  A WAV is a standard car that has been customised so that a wheelchair user can travel as either a passenger or a driver without having to transfer from their wheelchair to a seat in the vehicle. As many of the customers who have come to us at Nationwide Mobility over the years can attest to, owning a WAV brings about a whole new level of independence.

Although public transport provides numerous excellent options with regard to disabled access transport, a WAV allows for a customised traveling experience, which doesn’t depend on schedules or specific routes. WAVs are available as large, family-sized vehicles, as well as smaller ones, so you’re able to make a decision based on your living environment and transportation needs.

What Impact Can Owning a WAV Have?

A recent customer wrote to the company after they had successfully received their WAV. They explained that prior to the arrival of the WAV it felt as if his mother, who uses a wheelchair, was ever shrinking. The number of activities she could do unmonitored continued to dwindle, but the family was determined to help her maintain her independence. The arrival of their new WAV, he wrote, had changed everything. His mother experienced an enormous increase in her quality of life, as she rediscovered her independence.

Owning a WAV not only makes small, everyday tasks such as doing a grocery shop or picking family members up from school easy, it makes the bigger things more achievable, too. WAVs work just the same as normal cars, which mean that you can do all of the larger trips that you would do in a vehicle, such as visiting family or friends that live far away, or going to continental Europe for a holiday, in comfort and with ease.

Empowering You

We at Nationwide Mobility are in the business of making your life easy and empowered. Over the eleven years that we have been in business, we have been proud to provide WAVs to individuals from all across the country, and to have witnessed these individuals claiming their independence.

Claim your independence with a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle with Nationwide Mobility. Check out Nationwide Mobility’s current range of vehicles or give us a call on 01824 707773.