Buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle

Due to the range of choices available, though a bonus in itself, the purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle may seem a little overwhelming.

Once you have decided to look, however, thinking through a few well areas and questions beforehand might help to make the process feel a little less daunting.

How to finance the vehicle is probably a good first thing to consider as there are a few options available. Just as with any other vehicle purchase, for accessible vehicles you should be firm about setting your budget and factor in that conversions and adaptations are likely to include costs on top of the initial cost of the vehicle.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be using the Motability scheme in which payments are made from an allowance or you may prefer to buy outright.

If you choose purchase outright, make sure you are clear about the warranty provided, what it covers and for how long. Always ask the dealer what warranties they give on the work they do.

If you’re buying a pre-fitted mobility vehicle, it’s possible that some alterations and tweaks may still be required. If you are aware of any additional work or adaptations that the vehicle requires or that you specifically want, it may be that the seller is able to carry them out. If not, though you may need to go elsewhere for that work to be completed, you’ll nevertheless be in a position to manage your budget accordingly.

If you’re purchasing a previously owned vehicle, you need to be aware of any underlying problems. Ask the seller if they’ve inspected the vehicle and its conversion components, what the inspection involved, and if they found any issues. A reputable supplier of used wheelchair accessible vehicles should offer excellent aftersales service. If they don’t, it may be worth looking elsewhere.

Don’t be afraid to have an honest and informative discussion with the dealer. Dedicated wheelchair accessible vehicle providers should offer outstanding customer service and specialist knowledge to ensure you get the vehicle you need.