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Photo showing ramp access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The quality of your wheelchair car and the quality of the service that we offer are at the core of our business, quite simply, the higher the quality of the product and the service, the more satisfed the customer is.

This also makes for a more efficient company with motivated staff who have real pride in their work – we hope you can tell!

Mobility Nationwide strive to improve quality in every aspect of their operations, it is this exceptionally high standard that has led to our sister company Redstone Car Sales to be invited to hold a franchise for a premium motor manufacturer – a great honour for all of us in the business.

All of our disabled vehicles are carefully chosen and then upon arrival at our premises, the quality inspection starts with a thorough bodywork inspection, which is then followed by a careful inspection of the vehicle documents.

Prior to delivery to the customer, the vehicle has a thorough check in our own state of the art workshops, which we believe to be amongst the best equipped in the industry (how many of the car sales companies that are selling WAVs have their own workshop, let alone one equipped to our high standards?)

All consumable parts that are wearing thin are replaced, the vehicle is serviced and then is tested to an independent standard set by the Government – The MOT test.

Wheelchair car on an inspection ramp.

Because we believe that WAV customers deserve the highest standards, we constantly refne our processes to identify improvement, we even contact you on the morning of your appointment with us, to let you know that our vehicle demonstrator will, of course, be on time.

The modern Mobility Nationwide workshop.

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