4 Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Destinations from Around the World

4 Wheelchair Accessible Holiday Destinations from Around the WorldTravelling can be difficult if you are wheelchair bound, but there are cities out there that go the extra mile to make its disabled visitors feel welcome. Here’s a quick look at five fantastic wheelchair accessible cities.

London, UK

Kicking off the list is our own capital city which, due to the publicity of hosting the 2012 Paralympics, has had its disabled accessibility under the spotlight. However, London has never been a city to shy away from challenges and now boasts some great wheelchair accessible accommodation. Being the UK’s capital and most populous city, London is easy to reach by any means of public or private transport, so you can choose between train, plane, bus or your recently purchased wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Kapini, Zambia

A good African safari will cater for limited mobility, and the safaris on offer in Kapini are more than good. With wheelchair accessible lodges on the banks of the river, you can submerge yourself in a truly African experience. Wheelchair accessible safaris are on the rise in Africa, so now is the time to go.

Seattle, USA

Seattle tops the list of the USA’s 20 “most liveable” cities for wheelchair users. So, if you can put up with the rain, then Seattle has a lot to offer. The city has great public transport and the Bainbridge Island ferry is a cheap, accessible, and scenic way to view Seattle from the water. The tech capital of the US has great coffee, great Asian food, and is packs a lot into relatively small space.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is an island of many stories. To people on one side of the island, it’s the party capital of the world. To people on the other, it’s a cheap, cheerful, and secluded getaway. To the people on mainland Spain, it’s an autonomous enigma. To the locals, it’s a part Catalan, part Balearic, place to call home. What is even better is that, according to holiday maker and blogger Tom Nobarro, the island is wonderfully wheelchair accessible. Tom is a C4 tetraplegic, but had nothing but good words to say about his whole experience: airplanes, beaches, nightclubs and taxis were all smooth sailing for Tom on his trip.

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