4 Things Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Retailer Should Offer You

When you buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you want to be sure that the person selling you it is genuine, honest, and reliable. Good wheelchair accessible vehicle dealerships are about, but bad ones are too. So avoid the cowboys and arm yourself with these tips against dealership scams.

Make sure your dealer is an FCA licence holder

4 Things Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Retailer Should Offer YouMobility Nationwide are proud to be wheelchair accessible vehicle dealership who are FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) licence holders, but not every dealership is the same as us. According to the official UK government website, the FCA give licenses to people who wish to “carry out regulated financial service activities and offer credit to consumers”. The website states that “firms and individuals must be authorised by the FCA”. In other words, if your dealer is offering credit and is not an FCA license holder, then you should simply walk away.

Make sure your dealer offers a decent guarantee

A wheelchair accessible vehicle should be reliable and any good retailer should be able to honour their vehicles’ reliability with a guarantee. Three months is enough time to make sure that you are used to the vehicle, and six months is good too. However, Mobility Nationwide go one further with a one year guarantee on all of their wheelchair accessible vehicles and supply a backup service no matter where a customer is in the UK.

Does your dealer offer a free no-obligation viewing?

Not much is free in this world, which is why it is so incredible that Mobility Nationwide offer a free no obligation home viewing on all their wheelchair accessible vehicles… anywhere in the UK! This is a very high standard to set, and yet it does have some precedent. Phil Spencer, the famed television estate agent, claims that you should never buy a home without having had free no obligation viewing. This same logic should apply to a wheelchair accessible vehicle and, with Mobility Nationwide, it does.

Make sure your dealer is knowledgeable

A dealer who can talk about their vehicles at length, with sincere pride and passion, is a good sign. A simple and honest conversation with your dealer is good way to find out if they know their stuff. Do some research yourself too, and if what they say more or less matches what you have read, then you have found yourself a trustworthy person.

Buy your next wheelchair accessible vehicle from trustworthy dealer. Contact Mobility Nationwide today!